Filter cubes

PMT filter cube properties:

575dcxr spectra

hq525-70m-2p spectra

hq607-45m spectra

Epifluorescent filter cubes:

Alexa594 aka RFP cube:

This is a custom cube, with Chroma individual item C132141; if you call Chroma, they know what this is, it is NOT a generic part number, it is the number for the 1 unique cube on our system

exc: hq575/50x

em: hq640/50m

mir: q610lp

spectra image

YFP cube:

model number 49003 ET - YFP. specific Chroma item number C132143. This cube is NOT custom, sold generally.

exc: ET500/20x

em: ET535/30m

mirr: T515LP

spectra image

GFP cube:

model number FITC/ EGFP/ Bodipy Fl/ Fluo3/DiO. specific Chroma item number C132142. This cube is NOT custom, sold generally.

exc: HQ480/40x

em: HQ535/50m

mirr: Q505LP

spectra image