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Offices, room 324


In the drawers under the printer:

Paper clips, binder clips, scissors

Ibuprofen (Advil)

Dry erase markers (white board markers)

Tape (colored tape, lab tape)

In the old, open metal cabinet:


Printer paper

Printer toner

Address labels

Paper protectors w/ 3-hole punch (3 hole punched)

Spyder monitor calibrator

Most hard-copy manuals

3M Command hooks (sticky hooks)

2-photon imaging room, room 322

2-photon microscope

Histology room, room 327

Benchtop liners, fluoromount G

Stock solutions: ethanol/alcohol (under the fume hood)

Gas tank regulators, compressed gas tank regulators (drawer A3)

Rigid tubing (drawer A2), Flexible tubing (drawer B3)

Tubing fittings (drawer A1)


Staining wells (drawer B2)

Paintbrushes (drawer B1)

Slides (drawer B1)

Weigh boats (drawer about G1)

Mixed Golgi-Cox Solution (drawer D4; hazardous)

In vivo imaging/electrophysiology room, room 329

Single electrodes (drawer C1), multichannel electrodes (drawer C2), NeuroNexus electrodes (drawer C2)

Neonatal adapters for Novametrix/Philips/Respironics capnograph (shelf)

Workshop, room 330-A

On the shelves:

Soldering iron, solder, solder sucker, helping hands

Replacement bulbs, replacement lamps for light sources, projector

Monitor adapters

USB cables / USB extension cables / USB hubs

Firewire cables

SATA cables (computer hard drive cables)

Extra keyboards, extra mice

In the plastic "milk crates" in cabinets 4C and 4D (individual cables should be bagged or bound):

Ethernet cables

BNC cables

Power cables

Monitor cables (VGA/DVI)

RS-232 serial cables and parallel port cables (25-pin)

miscellaneous computer parts

In small parts drawers:

Adaptors: BNC to banana,

Small parts: alligator clips, bulldog clips

ThorLabs optomechanics parts


Replacement batteries for timers, flashlights

Fine hook up wire

Electronics parts

In toolbox (on counter in 330-A):

Tape measure

Prep/perfusion/future surgery room 330-A

Downdraft sink for perfusions