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Johnson JK, Casagrande VA.

*Their method of deciding the age of fetal ferrets is really, really suspect, so interpret all with ample grains of salt*

*There is some internal disagreement in this paper, the text seems to highlight different ages at different times, sometimes drawing different conclusions

*Axons are first apparent originating from the retina around P24, at which point they have neared the optic chiasm. By E27, many axons cross chiasm.

*Axon outgrowth from the LGN first apparent at E24. By E27, some axons reach dorsolateral developing visual cortex.

*Axons are seen exiting the developing striate cortex by E27 (unsure if interstitial or L6 axons due to timing and morphology). Other sentence says some outgrowth by E24.

*Reciprocal connections between developing LGN and striate visible by E27.

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