Jenn: Did you get the specs on the laser yet? [From Prairie Technologies]

Robin Bell, radiation safety officer: Just an email asking what info I wanted, but as yet, no info. Clearly being laser jocks does not relate to acting with light speed.

Anna (Chavez, roton): Yeah, that brainstem - it's a keeper.

Jason: STDP is just one animal in the jungle that is synaptic plasticity.

"Finally, it should be admitted that one always begins noise reduction in a mood of optimistic rationalism, but invariably descends into frustrating empiricism." - The Axon CNS Guide, pg. 20

Ian: Q- What did the stimulus do to the neuron after they got married? A- Carried it over the threshold.

Chelsea: [Referring to problems with the mouse response wheel on our in vivo 2-photon rig]: We might have to reinvent the wheel.

Steve: I can see arguments for keeping it as one figure or making two figures. I'd like to take the temperature of the room.

Lisandro: The temperature of the room is 81°.