Models of direction selectivity

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Adelson and Bergen 1985: The motion energy framework, and a great review of previous thinking regarding models of motion selectivity. It also offers a nice description of the Reichardt model.

Barlow and Levick 1965: A beautiful experimental paper motivated by theory; this is the "null inhibition" model of direction selectivity.

Torre and Poggio 1978: Another paper on the null inhibition model, with more detail.

Stanley et. al, 2012: Visual Orientation and Directional Selectivity through Thalamic Synchrony, J Neurosci. 32:9073-9088

Baker and Bair 2012: Inter-Neuronal Correlation Distinguishes Mechanisms of Direction Selectivity in Cortical Circuit Models, J Neurosci 32: 8800 – 8816

Lochmann, Blanche, and Butts 2013: Construction of Direction Selectivity through Local Energy Computations in Primary Visual Cortex PlosONE