Making a poster

Things to include

    • Title

    • Author list. All the authors should approve of being on the poster, and it's a good idea to speak to the PIs to make sure that nobody is excluded (or included) inappropriately.

    • FUNDING SOURCE! If you don't know a funding source, ask Steve or someone working with you!


Poster Archives

BRAIN Investigators Meeting

    • 2019: Van Hooser: Data interface and apps for systems neurophysiology and imaging [AI] [PDF] [SVG]


For a template, see here

    • 2014: Kelly Flavahan: The role of the GTPase Rem2 in activity dependent neuroplasticity in mouse visual corted (PPT)

    • 2015: Shikhar Saxena and Jose Garcia: Investigating the effects of Rem2 on dendritic arborization in vivo (PPT)

    • 2015: John Spyreas, David Landesman: Carbon Fiber Bundles for Dense Recordings of Neural Circuits [Google slides]

    • 2016: Isabel Smith: Investigating the role of the small GTPase Rem2 in a PTZ seizure model (PDF)

    • 2017: Daniel Garcia: Neuroscience Data Standards: Universal Analysis Tools [PDF] [EPS] [SVG]

    • 2018: Lauren Hayashi (with David Bressler and Andrea Stacy): Do LGN cells in developing ferret exhibit direction selectivity? [PDF] [AI]

    • 2019: Han Zheng

  • 2019: Ora/Shufei/Tracy/Peter - Data interface and apps for systems neurophysiology and imaging [PDF]

  • 2019: Alex Cao - Uncovering the role of paired feed-forward excitation and inhibition in temporal tuning [PDF]

SFN - Society for Neuroscience

  • 2007: 2-photon poster for material that became 2008 Nature paper (Powerpoint format)

  • 2008: unidirectional training poster, became part of 2012 J Neurosci paper (Powerpoint format)

  • 2009: Steve's tree shrew poster from 2009 (Illustrator format), became 2013 J Neurosci paper

  • 2013: Arani: Flexibility of cortical development: can visual cortex develop responses to non-smooth motion stimuli? (PDF)

  • 2016: Shen: ProjectorScope 2: an updated optical system for patterned optogenetic stimulation and intrinsic signal imaging (Illustrator format)

  • 2016: Sarah: Rem2 is required for normal critical period ocular dominance plasticity of the visual cortex (Illustrator)(PDF)

  • 2017: Chelsea: Large-scale calcium imaging of the visual cortex in freely behaving juvenile mice (Abstract) (PDF)

  • 2019: Andrea: Properties of the developing ferret lateral geniculate nucleus (PDF)

  • 2022: Lisandro: Chronic Head-fixed Ferret Preparation for Uncovering Properties of Feedforward Connections between LGN and V1 (inDesign) (PDF)

  • 2022: VIkko: Co-organization of responses to direction, speed, and temporal frequency in ferret visual cortex (PPT) (PDF)

  • 2022: Sophie: Premature vision and development of receptive field properties in visual cortex (Illustrator) (PDF)

Volen Retreat

    • 2014:Sarah:Knockout of Rem2 impairs experience dependent plasticity in the mouse visual cortex(Illustrator)

    • 2015:Sarah: Knockout of Rem2 impairs critical period plasticity in mouse visual cortex(Illustrator)(PDF) Note: this is actually about dendrites despite title

    • 2016:Sarah: Loss of SRGAP2A broadens tuning in primary visual cortex of the mouse (Illustrator)(PDF)

    • 2017:Sarah: Regulation of dendritic branching by sensory experience and the small GTPase Rem2 (Illustrator)(PDF)

    • 2017: Chelsea: Temporal Dynamics of acuity changes during monocular deprivation (pdf) (illustrator)