Mike Long Peltier

Peltier parameters:

    • freezer: Custom Thermo Electric - Peltier devices, power supply, 0.5-1amp

    • HVC Peltier size - 1.5mm x 0.5mm element, (1mmx2mm total package?)

    • 4mm x 4mm maybe for cortex?

    • Needs to have platinum foil so can touch the brain -- ask Custom Thermo Electric if they can do it

    • Hole??

    • fluid-based heatsink already?


    • muffler

    • thin pouch of copper - shim stock 25-50um thickness

    • stainless steel inlet/outlet tube

    • water bath set to 37 (or whatever it needs to be so that brain is 37 with 0 Peltier drive) (circulating water bath??)

For driving the Peltier

  • We use this power supply - from Kepco (ATE 6-5DM, 0-6V, 0-5A) - clear ID is a bit confusing - maybe the attached photo could help.

    • Water bath needed to regulate temperature of the device (Thermo)

For temperature measurements

  • Thermocouple (Omega, 5SRTC-TT-K-40-36)

  • Either hand-held (Omega, HH23) or a model that can interface with computer (Omega, CNi3253)

Not needed for fixed prep:

    • DragonFly -- commutator - stoner dude -- not needed for anesthesia prep

Questions for Mike:

  • Peltier size recommendation

  • Any special options for cables?

  • How to do the plumbing

  • What type of solder is needed to attach the plumbing?

when running, 0.25A for 3-4 minutes, 3-4 minute intervals