direction selectivity in Marjena's experiments

Preparing the necessary descriptive files

Before calculating direction selectivity from the big movie files, it is important that the following steps are performed:

    • All spikes should be sorted and imported into the experiment (all reference.txt, vhlv_channelgrouping.txt, vhlv_filtermap.txt, etc need to be correct before the import)

    • Next, the following files need to be prepared that describe which data is in which directory. These files go in the experiment directory directly (that is, in the YYYY-MM-DD directory, not in any tXXXXX directory).

    • testdirinfo.txt - Describes which directories contain which stimuli (see help testdirinfo for format). Be sure to add directories called 'preK-L test' and 'postK-L test' for the pre K-L test and the post K-L test

    • trainingtype.txt - Describes the type of training stimulus that was used (see help trainingtype for format)

    • trainingangle.txt - Describes the directions of training stimulus (probably 4 for Marjena's experiment, see help trainingangle for the format)

  • After this, you can run the command: analyzekldirstims(THEDIR, 1, 1, 1, 1); (where THEDIR is your directory). This will run for awhile.

  • To plot the results, call: marjenadir_analysis(prefix, expernames) where PREFIX is the directory prefix, and EXPERNAMES is a cell list with the names of experiments.