Diagram: Ferret Brain Anatomy, Slice Anatomy

Anatomy of Ferret Brain: (juvenile)

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Anatomy referenced from:

Bizley JK, Nodal FR, Bajo VM, Nelken I, King AJ.

Physiological and anatomical evidence for multisensory interactions in auditory cortex.

Cereb Cortex2007;17(9):2172-2189.

Note: image below is of one separated hemisphere (right), resting on its mid-sagittal plane

Blocking Diagram: (for processing area V1)

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Note: The plane of the cut is along the horizontal axis.

Anatomical Directions in Tissue Slice:

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Note: image below shows the plane of the slice, the anatomy/shape

of a typical slice.

Angle is at a birds-eye-view, looking down onto the brain.