manuscript notes



    • Who worked on the animal husbandry that we should include in the acknowledgements? What about students?

Rebecca Chafel, Liam Putney, Julio Cornejo, Jose Iraheta

    • Figure 2:

      • DONE - lab recommends making upper left panel have multiple contrasts (so it is a 4x3, like the data)

      • DISAGREE - I think it is clearer this way - lab recommends replacing "preferred", "preferred + 90°" "plaid" labels with icons of the gratings

      • DONE - move spike rate scale bars slightly right so they don't overlap the data

      • DONE - center the label "contrast [%]" vertically in the figure (it is a bit low)

    • Figure 3

      • DONE - Add 'a', 'b' labels

      • DONE - Maybe: add small labels "y=x" "y=1/2 x" "y = 1/3 x" to lines in upper left panel

      • DONE - Center the category labels in the graphs

    • Figure 4

      • DONE - On Y axis labels, "m" needs to be "Pm"

      • DONE - The lab thought the dots box and whisker plots were too small, given their density (including all those indicators). They preferred the size given in Figure 6 (even though Figure 6 is now a bit map resized that looks rediculous. :) I had to export a png file since I don't have a paid membership to Plotly :) )

      • DONE - The lab also commented that they thought there should be some order to the red lines (paired comparisons). In Figure 7, I drew them from the right to left, and people liked that (I didn't realize I was doing it).

      • DONE - They requested black dots that were filled with black lines as the outline rather than the white outlines

      • DONE - The lab thought the lines going across were too thick (the lines at y = 0.5 and y = 1)

      • Question: what are the box and whiskers? I imagine box is 25% and 75% of the data, and the whiskers are some sort of measurement of the "range" (which measure of the range, if so?)

    • Figure 6

      • in progress - please re-do in non-bitmap (raw data in "Figure 6" folder on dropbox)

    • Figure 7

      • DONE - Align titles of categories to graphs

      • DONE - add "zero" response line to the direction tuning curves

      • DONE - red lines should match other lines stylistically

    • Figure 8

      • DONE - Please add 0 line to responses

      • DONE - Merge figure 8 and figure 9

      • DONE - Please add 0 line to responses for TF (current Figure 9)

    • Figure 10

      • DONE - a) Please add 0 response line

      • DONE - a) Use "%" in x axis to be consistent with other places

      • DONE - b) add "%" to contrast to C50; also make ticks more distinct

      • DONE - c) organize red lines

      • in progress - c,d) bigger raw data, box and whiskers

    • Github? Where?


    • Revise narrative; narrative too boring; should talk about number of properties that do not require experience; should motivate normalization better

  • P# should be upper case

    • "To our knowledge" used too many times (now down to 2)

    • We give time in both minutes and hours; should be consistent (now stims are in minutes, training time in hours)

  • Figure 5:

    • fix c2 y axis color

    • fix "Figure 5."

    • check size of a/b/c labels

    • Refer to contrast by percent everywhere (done in manuscript)

    • concluding summary figure? somehow make ending a little more dramatic, maybe