> A carbon-fiber array for long-term neural recording

Grigori Guitchounts, Jeffrey E Markowitz, William A Liberti and Timothy J Gardner

Original jig design from the Gardner lab.

> Ultrasmall implantable composite microelectrodes with bioactive surfaces for chronic neural interfaces

Takashi D Kozai; Nicholas B Langhals; Paras R Patel; Xiaopei Deng; Huanan Zhang; Karen L Smith; Joerg Lahann; Nicholas A Kotov; Daryl R Kipke

Describes PEDOT coating of recording site for carbon fiber electrodes.

Thalamus Hunt / Histology

> Somatotopic organization of ferret thalamus

Mario Vázquez-García, Marie-Josée Wallman and Igor Timofeev

Map VPM (face) and VPL (body) of ferret thalamus with H-C coordinates. They use an 18-gauge needle to make a reference penetration for histology, which seems like it might be a good idea for us to do.



> Synchrony stuff

Carbon Fiber Info