Optics/Imaging at Brandeis

Other labs in Biochemistry/Physics who do optics or imaging at Brandeis:

Jeff Gelles -- imaging of single molecules to understand their biochemistry

Senior scientist: Larry Friedman (optics guru)

Azadeh Samadani - Condensed matter physics

Zvonimir Dogic - Self-assembly of materials

Seth Fraden - Complex Fluids

David DeRosier - emeritus, works with Gina Turrigiano

[There is a whole group of cryo-imaging and electron microscopists that are not represented here.]


Focuses on optical and other instruments commonly used in biomedical laboratories to make quantitative measurements in vivo and in vitro. Students disassemble and reconfigure modular instruments in laboratory exercises that critically evaluate instrument reliability and usability and investigate the origins of noise and systematic error in measurements. Usually offered every year.

QBIO 120B 1

Quantitative Biology Instrumentation Laboratory