Summer undergrads

Summer undergrads and others

Summer 2023 (Projection)

Ferret health project

Shachi Prasad (rising junior, apply for SURF)


Judy Ye (rising senior, apply for SURF)


Alex Stanley (rising junior) (doing other things over summer)

Gianna Everette (rising junior) (apply for SURF if not get other internship)


Team NDI (redundant list with above):

Summer 2022

Computational projects with Steve

Katherine Cheng (yes but maybe remote, SURF app, LOR done)

Ishaan Khurana (rising senior) (yes, SURF app, LOR done)

Noah Lasky-Nielson (rising senior) (yes, SURF app)

Mo Re Kim Yes (SURF app) (LOR done)

Andrew Hu (remote only)

Ruyang Wang ? Not full time


Judy Ye (rising junior) ? (sounds like no)


Gianna Everette ? no, remote

Alex Stanley ? no, remote

Yannan Zhu (rising senior) ? Yes


Benie Cohen (rising sophomore) Yes (LOR done)


Sam Greene (rising senior) Yes

Summer 2021

Computational projects with Steve

Ishaan Khurana (rising junior) (steve lor DONE)

Noah Lasky-Nielson (not confirmed) (rising junior) (steve lor DONE)

Mo Re Kim

Andrew Hu

Sophie Greer

Kelly Zhang


Judy Ye (rising sophomore) (steve lor needed)


Angelica D'Souza (rising senior, electrodes) (steve lor DONE)

Han Hang (rising senior, electrodes) (steve lor DONE)


Jiwon Suh (rising junior, in person) (steve lor DONE)


Sam Greene (rising junior or sophomore?, in person) (steve lor DONE)


Micaela Grimes (rising senior, in person) (steve lor DONE)


Yannan Zhu (rising junior, in person, eye tracking with Steve and Zoey then ferrets) (steve lor DONE)

Summer 2020

Alex Cao (will reapply for comp TG)

Shufei Chen (maybe, not applying for grants)

Micaela Grimes (at least 1 week away at Tufts Vet program, need to confirm about the rest of the time)

Han Kang (will apply to SURF)

Jonathan Joasil (maybe, and then only briefly)

Peter Zhao (maybe, not applying for grants)

Noah Gilman (will apply SURF)

Angelica D'Souza (will apply for SURF)

Sally Kane (wet lab stuff)

Jiwon Suh (wet lab stuff)

Ishaan Khurana (QBReC)

Lhaden Tshering (QBReC)

Elaine Zhu (NDI)

Summer 2019

Lauren Hayashi (lab pays) *

David Bressler (lab pays) *

Han Zheng (SURF)

Alex Cao (Comp Neuro TG) *

Shufei Chen (lab pays) *

Micaela Grimes (lab pays) ^

Ora Rogovin (lab pays) *

Han Kang (QBREC) *

Jonathan Joasil (August, lab pays) ^

Zhiyun Jiang (Maggie, unsure)

Daniel Garcia (away) *

* summer meeting org message sent

^ other person is main organizing contact

Summer 2018

Daniel Garcia (will apply Comp Neuro, SURF, etc) (Mexico for summer)

Han Zheng (applied SURF)

Lauren Hayashi (applied SURF)

David Bressler (applied SURF)

Eric Pilchowski (will apply SURF, etc)

Alex Cao (QBREC)

Nia Lynn (will apply SURF, etc) (New York for summer)

Zhiyun Jiang (Maggie)

Amanda Huang (not full time)

Summer 2017

Tudor Dragoi (volunteer)

Andrew Lipnick (Comp Neuro)

Nathan Schneider (URF)

Daniel Garcia (SURF)

Amanda Huang (work study)

Nadav Raichman (URF)

Adrian Kager (high school student)

Summer 2016 - incomplete list

Ziqi Wang

Benyamin Meschede-Krasa (Comp Grant)

David Landesman - carbon fibers

Kamil Moroz - ?

George Popa - yes part time

Andrew Lipnick -yes part time

Verna (Zhuyu) - yes full time

Isabell Smith - Sarah full time

Karly Oettgen - 6/1-6/4 gone, needs to be back August 25

Summer 2015

Ian Christie (no funds, just moonlighting from NYC)

Benyamin Meschede-Krasa (Arani, funded Comp Grant)

Jon Spyreas (carbon fibers, funded Provost Research Grant)

David Landesman (Marjena and Neil, funded misc)

Victoria Drumm (Marjena, ?)

Shikhar Saxena (May 25 - Aug 1, Sarah, Indian exchange)

Alex Hempel (Marjena and carbon fibers, starts May 18, paid misc)

Jose Garcia (Sarah, funds??)