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Mailing lists

Lab mailing list:

Rig 1:

Rig 2:

Phone numbers

General lab number: 781-736-2735 (cordless), 781-736-2722 (lab manager station- Voicemail PIN#: 96391)

Former people:

Former rotons:

Former others

Former grads:

Neil Ritter

Marjena Popović

978-621-5936 (cell)

917-318-8578 (cell)

Former staff:

Nora Anderson

774-275-0268 (cell)

781-736-2722 (office)

Former undergrads:

Ziqi Wang

Ian Christie


Aishwarya Bhonsle

Kelly Flavahan

Hirvelt Megie

James Shaw

Kevin Wang (Yekai)

Erick Yeung

Alex Hempel

Linnea Herzog

David Hampton

781-290-7520 (cell)

443-983-6229 (cell)

917-652-9100 (cell)

774-306-2806 (cell)

304-216-2750 (cell)

718-915-2813 (cell)

617-947-2857 (cell)

651-238-5651 (cell)

505-264-3237 (cell)

Derek Wise

978-844-2824 (cell)

Wynne-Marie Martinez 347-777-8200 (cell)

Karly Oettgen Undergrad 617-851-5723 (cell)

Department and University contacts

Stockroom x6-4525 (Warren and Artie)

Epstein Receiving x6-4515 (where packages get lost sometimes)

Science purchasing x6-4523

Domenic's on campus (x6-4950)

Vet and Foster

Vet Rebecca Chafel cell phone (emergencies only): 978-201-1549

vet office phone - 781-736-2055

Dr. Sara Savage: 978 912 2028

Foster Staff:

Jose Iraheta


Julio Cornejo


Oveida Davila


Mia Sarno


Paula Shelly

Paula will also be the contact for USDA should they come-she will likely be the person to let you know USDA is at Foster.



Paola Briamonte 6-4510

Courtney Sampson - 6-4266

Mark Jay - 6-4505


Andy Finn 6-4262


Ryan Donahue, administrator (781-726-1229, dire emergencies only, this is a private number)

Card services

Bette Reilly 6-7579