Lab meeting history

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2011-05-25: Arani Will present this paper.

2011-05-17: Julie will present: "Different Inhibitory Synaptic Input Patterns in Excitatory and Inhibitory Layer 4 Neurons of Ferret Visual Cortex" Birgit Roerig, Bingzhong Chen, Joseph P.-Y. Kao. Oxford Journals Life Sciences & Medicine Cerebral Cortex Volume13, Issue4 Pp. 350-363.

2011-05-04: Steve will present an introduction to measures of direction selectivity.

2011-04-20: Gina presents "Wiring specificity in the direction-selectivity circuit of the retina" by Kevin L. Briggman, Moritz Helmstaedter & Winfried Denk. Nature 471, 183–188 (March 2011)

2011-04-13: Arani presents "Highly ordered arrangement of single neurons in orientation pinwheels": Ohki K, Chung S, Kara P, Hübener M, Bonhoeffer T, Reid RC; Nature. 2006 Aug 24;442(7105):925-8. Epub 2006 Aug 13.

2011-03-23: Steve presents "Experience-Dependent Transfer of Otx2 Homeoprotein into the Visual Cortex Activates Postnatal Plasticity" by Sugiyama et al. Cell 134:508-520, 2008.

CANCELLED: 2011-03-16: Steve presents "Spatiotemporal Elements of Macaque V1 Receptive Fields", by Rust et al., Neuron 46:945-958.

2011-03-09: Julie presents "Response features of parvalbumin-expressing interneurons suggest precise roles for subtypes of inhibition in visual cortex", by Runyan et al., Neuron 67: 847-857.

2011-02-23: Jenn presents "Responses of Neurons in Neonatal Cortex and Thalamus to Patterned

Visual Stimulation Through the Naturally Closed Lids" Kristine Krug, Colin J. Akerman and Ian D. Thompson J Neurophysiol 85:1436-1443, 2001.

2011-02-16: Gina presents Clopath et al. 2010: Connectivity reflects coding: a model of voltage-based STDP with homeostasis Nature Neuroscience 13:344-352

2011-02-09: Arani presents Jai et al., 2010: Dendritic organization of sensory input to cortical neurons in vivo, Nature 464:1307-1312

2010-12-13: Steve presents "White et al., 1999: Maps of Central Visual Space in Ferret V1 and V2 Lack Matching Inputs from the Two Eyes", J Neurosci 19:7089–7099, and we'll quickly go over some additional photos in Len White's slides A Primer on Ferret Visual Cortex.

2010-11-29: Julie presents "Broadly Tuned Response Properties of Diverse Inhibitory Neuron Subtypes in Mouse Visual Cortex", Neuron 2010

2010-11-22: Jenn presents "A FLEX Switch Targets Channelrhodopsin-2 to Multiple Cell Types for Imaging and Long-Range Circuit Mapping", Deniz Atasoy,* Yexica Aponte,* Helen Hong Su, and Scott M. Sternson The Journal of Neuroscience, 2008 28(28):7025–7030

2010-11-08: Arani presents "Dendritic asymmetry cannot account for directional responses of neurons in visual cortex", J. C. Anderson, T. Binzegger, O. Kahana, K. A. C. Martin and I. Segev Nature Neurosci., 1999.