Safety Officer, Expiration Checker, Facilities Walkthrough Job Description

Safety Czar Responsibilities


    • Walkthrough lab space to check for any expired items

    • This includes any substances on surgical trays, things in fridge, drugs in Foster and surgery room in Foster (123X)

  • Ensure that our DEA licenses are up to date

    • Date of expiration found on DEA certificate in drug binders

  • Ensure that all lab members have completed necessary paperwork to be included in protocols

    • Mt. Auburn health clearance

    • Personnel forms

    • Controlled Substance forms

      • Can reach out to Wajiha Chaudhry ( if you have any questions about this process

  • Complete facilities walkthrough

    • Every other year an inventory check occurs, where outside officers walk through lab spaces and check that our inventory is up to date

      • Communicate with Jonathon Church ( to set up time to walk through lab spaces together and double check inventory tags before officers arrive. Jon usually reaches out 1-2 months before the inventory check to schedule a time.

      • Walk through all rigs and lab spaces and go over spreadsheet (our current inventory spreadsheet linked below). Check with Steve to see if any major equipment has been updated or discarded so spreadsheet can be updated accordingly

      • Be in lab when inventory check occurs, in case officers have any questions. Can ask Jon about dates and times of when check will be happening.