Perfusion Sink Czar


The most important job of the perfusion sink Czar is to ensure that the liquid waste is disposed and not overflowed.

Checking the sink

1. At first glance, check to see if the station is clean

- Are there animal remains lying around?

- Are there visible blood stains?

- Is there any type of colored liquid on the floor?

- Are the tools put back on the shelves above?

2. Is the Hood fan on? If not, contact facilities immediately and send out an email to

3. Check below to see if the plastic containers holding the fluids are full. If full, call hazardous waste for a pick up

4. Check the sign-in sheet to make sure that personnel are signing in

Other responsibilities

- Training new personnel on how to use the perfusion sink

- Adding new personnel onto the list serve

- Adding new personnel onto the authorized users excel sheet

Training new personnel

1. Discuss how the sink is a satellite area and a fixed area, since formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

2. Personnel should always wear masks, double layered gloves and gowns

3. Take off any wrist bands or watches

4. For personnel with long hair, tie your long hair

5. Never turn off the fan

6. Instruct how to turn on and off the pipe below the sink. Remind personnel to turn on the pipe when using the sink.

7. Advise personnel to use as minimal water as possible, in consideration of other personnel who use the sink

8. Remind personnel to sign in

9. Leave the sink clean as if you were never there

10. Personnel using the sink should also contact hazardous waste if the containers below the sink are full

11. If they find the station a mess, contact the perfusion sink czar

12. In general, keep everything clean