Gas Tank Stocking & Ordering Responsibilities

To order gas tanks:

1. Complete an order request form below

For Oxygen, use this link and specify Grade 4.3

For Nitrogen, use this link and specify Grade K or lowest grade

For Nitrous Oxide, use this link and specify Grade 3

2. Contact Seneca Scott ( and let him which gas tanks were ordered. Seneca manages orders for the Van Hooser, Katz and Jadhav lab and Seneca will reach out to Middlesex Gases.

3. If prompted, give Seneca and/or a Middlesex Gas representative your name and phone number. Middlesex Gas will call you when the gas tanks arrive. Someone must be in the lab to pick up the gases. Gas tanks can come in at any time between 6:00am and 12:00pm. Middlesex Gases can call you 40 minutes before they arrive but you have to tell them to do so!!

4. If Nitrous Oxide is ordered, a person is needed to sign off on the Nitrous Oxide.

5. Carefully put tanks back in Rig 2. If you need help doing this, contact Steve, Dan, Zoey and/or Andrea.

6. Message VH Lab #general chat that gas tanks were delivered and put away.

*Before you order any gases, collect any empty Middlesex gas tanks. We can free up space by returning empty gas tanks. Middlesex gas personnel will collect the empty gas tanks for us the same day they deliver new gas tanks.

**Middlesex Gas can be reached at or at

To check gas tank stocks

1. To turn on a gas tank, turn the handle to the left. To turn off a gas tank, tightly turn the handle to the right.

1. Check Rig 2, Bassine 322, which has our bulk supply of gas tanks in the far right corner and tanks currently being used in the far left corner. Mark any empty gas tanks for pick up during the next delivery.

2. Check Rig 1, Bassine 329, which must have Oxygen, Nitrogen and Nitrous Oxide tanks. As of 11/6/2020, the table is not stabilized by nitrogen. The nitrogen tank in Rig 1 is used for the drill.

3. Make sure to update our gas tank inventory here

*We no longer use gas tanks from Air Gas. Any Air Gas tanks (that are empty) should be picked up by Air Gas.

**When insert a pressure a gauge/valve into a tank, a wrench must be used to loosen and tighten. Ensure that the valve is strongly tightened.