Drug Czar Responsibilities


    • Look for expired things in both non-controlled and controlled substances drawers

      • Label bottle by placing new tape marked “expired” over original label

      • Place any expired bottles in red striped bag

        • Be sure to mark in the log that they have been disposed of

        • Then draw a line down the rest of the page, and at bottom be sure to write “retained until mm/yyyy” and use a date 3 years after the expiration date

      • When disposal bag is ~⅔ full, call Andy Finn (# on wall next to door, also on internal site) to get the bag picked up

      • Drug inventory spreadsheet found HERE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OVRm6fLZ9NKKSwhKIDg89HQ_z7DaE1GItGmiSaZD9Q4/edit?usp=sharing

          • keep this spreadsheet updated and dispose of any drugs that have expired

  • Examine books each month to ensure that logs are filled out correctly and completely

    • Ensure that all current authorized users are listed in 'Authorized Users' section

    • Check that the PIs DEA and Massachusetts licenses are not within 3 months of expiration. If they are, send an email to the PI to ensure that the renewal goes through in time.


          • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 10/11/22

          • DEA: 5/31/2023 --->Link to current DEA certificate

Attached below are links to extra drug log sheets if you run out of sheets in the binders.