University Undergraduate prizes

These are prizes that require a faculty nomination.

Updated March 31, 2011

Prizes and Awards:

1. The Reis and Sowul Family Prize in Neuroscience. $500. This award is decided by Neuroscience, rather than the science council.

2. The Doris Brewer Cohen Endowment Award. $750. To an undergrad who has demonstrated high academic achievement and a significant research achievement. Nominations for this prize should be sent directly to the BIO CHAIR.

Awards chosen by the science council:

1. Dr. Joseph Garrison Parker Prize. $75. To an outstanding student in the field of science or creative arts.

2. Dr. Ralph Berenberg '65 Prize. $1000. For senior intending to pursue a career in dentistry

3. Elihu A. Silver Prize. $100. To an outstanding junior to support research in a scientific field.

4. Steinberg Prize in Physical Science with interest in History. $1,000.

5. Molly W. and Charles K. Schiff Memorial Award in Science. One or more students showing creativity and originality in science, fine arts or archeology $400

6. Rishon M. Bialer '64 Memorial Prize. $100. Two senior pre-med students.

The most likely students to win these prizes are those with the highest GPAs and/or those who are doing senior research. I have attached the list of the top 20 Neuroscience students (by GPA) as well as those doing Neuro 99 research