Data Management Plan

(This is a draft)

Laboratory Notebooks

Experimental Data

    1. At the conclusion of an experimental session, a copy of all data should be saved to the Brandeis lab server (van-hooser-lab drive on The experimenter is responsible for deciding the directory where the data will be stored.

  1. TWO copies of the experiment should be stored: a raw version that is unmodified from the computers that collected the data, and a second copy that can be used for analysis. Both of these copies go on the Brandeis server, which is backed up by Brandeis.

  2. You may copy data to your computer for local analysis but please maintain the two copies on the server (one that is untouched/raw and one that is available for work).


  1. The lab uses Git and GitHub for management of common computer code.

    1. At a minimum, individual analysts writing their own code should keep two copies of this code.

    2. It is strongly encouraged (and may be required eventually) that each analyst manage his/her code in the VH-Lab group on GitHub.

    3. On publication, code should be added to the public GitHub repository or, if more appropriate, its own public repository.

Published Data

  1. On publication, the data that comprises our experiments should be published in a data repository such as Dryad:

    1. Data should be linked on our page.