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AKA: 42 (The secret to life, the universe and everything); The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Van Hooser lab

You can come here whenever you need to find something. Alternatively, if you just spent 20 minutes looking for some nugget of info about the lab that wasn't here, spend the extra minute to add it here! Thanks!

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General info for New People/when you're just starting out:

    • Maps of campus are pretty universally terrible. This is the best map.

    • Here's a link to all the van/shuttle services at Brandeis.

    • If you're a grad student, you should get yourself over to the Wiki. Actually, check it out even if you're not a grad student - there's a lot of useful information over there for newbies.

    • Go here to get a schedule of seminars. Go here to set it up so you can view the schedule in your own calendar program.

    • Here is the page where you learn all about Neuro journal club, and see who's up next. (Maybe you?)

    • The neural circuits lab subscribes to the back up often and automatically school of thought. If you have a Mac, get Time Machine to back up to our server, kfc. If you have a PC, figure it out and post what to do here.

    • How do I order something? Do it HERE!

Locating Things:

Set up your online presence at Brandeis:

  • This page tells you how to set up your unet account, voice mail, and other Information Services stuff.

  • Start here to register your computer on the network, if you brought one with you.

    • Get on any relevant lists. Try ls-seminarannounce, ls-postdocs, ls-grads.

  • Steve Karel is the computer expert in the department if you need to do anything fancy - karel@brandeis.edu. (His name is not pronounced the same way as the actor's name - say "carrel" like "study carrel"; similar to "Carol".)

Useful people and their contact info:

Maintenance coordination/buildings problem solver - Ryan Donahue 781-736-7579 rdonahue@brandeis.edu (Something broken/needs to be fixed? Get a work order via the Facilities page on Brandeis.edu)

Stockroom/Receiving - Artie and Warren: 6-4525

Bio Office - Quyen (pronounced "Quinn"), Jean: 6-3100

Procurement/Purchasing - Paola Briamonte; Mark Jay 6-4510 (most of the sciences ordering and Pcard); Courtney Sampson 6-4266, csampson@brandeis.edu (runs AP, can get higher level things done)

Help! Something's broken!

For things that belong to Brandeis/the building (pipes banging, heat or a/c problems, keys and locks, windows stuck, blown lightbulbs):

Go to the Facilities page and report the problem. Ryan Donahue (see above) coordinates all these things.

For things that belong to us (equipment)

Check this website or VHLabTools - Ask around - Call the company

For the laser on the 2-photon

We have a service contract through 2016! Email Kathryn.Levine@newport.com, or call Newport/Spectra Physics at 800-775-5273. The contract number is 2436338.

Is a -80C freezer/low temp freezer broken? Eddie Arroco can fix it! And in the meantime, you can store your stuff in one of the emergency freezers labeled E1 and E2 in the Rosensteil 2nd floor

freezer room. Jenn has swipe access, as does Frank Mello.


Ours, for packages -

Van Hooser Lab

Brandeis University

Lab Supplies and Services

415 South St.

Waltham, MA 02454

Ours, for mail and letters -

Your name

Van Hooser lab

Brandeis University

Biology MS008

415 South St.

Waltham, MA 02454

Billing address for Pcard charges -

The name on the Pcard

Brandeis University

415 South St.

Waltham, MA 02453

Billing address for sending invoices (PO#) -

Brandeis University

Accounts Payable MS110

60 Turner St.

Waltham, MA 02454

or electronically: accountspayable@brandeis.edu

Seminars and Scheduling:

As of the 2012/2013 academic year, the seminar schedule will be based on the following graphic. Use that as a guide when you're trying to schedule committee meetings and special seminars. Hint: don't pick a time during a faculty meeting.

Graphic here!

Adding an Owner or Moderator to the Brandeis Mailing Lists Service (all listservs through lists.brandeis.edu):

  • Log into lists.brandeis.edu using your Brandeis username and password.

  • Click on the appropriate list found on the left hand side of the page.

  • If you need to make someone an owner or a moderator, click on "Admin," then "Edit list config," and finally "List definition."

  • There you can add new owners or moderators under the "Owner" section or "Moderators" section accordingly.

    • Remember, an owner can control the listserv in its entirety while a moderator appears to only be able to approve or deny posting of individual messages to the list. You can read more about the differences here.

change list lists mailing admin

Henry Schein/Miltex Surgical Needle Guide:

If you are looking for suture needles, this page provides a to-scale guide for needles available from Henry Schein (manufacturer Miltex). Unfortunately, needle dimensions are not available, but print that page at 100% and you can see how big each needle is. Also, be sure to check out Fine Science Tools for suture needles as well.

Work study:

Work study is through the end of the term which is May 21. However, if work study money runs out before then I think the grants will get hit with the student wage charges. Between commencement (assuming there is still work study) and June 30 then the students are paid from the chart string they are assigned to.