Oregon Green BAPTA-1 AM Storage


Oregon Green BAPTA-1 AM dye needs to be stored in the freezer with desiccant to prevent it from absorbing water. The dye arrives as 10 small vials of dye. Note that the instructions on the box say "Store in freezer" and "desiccate".

    1. Prepare an 8oz glass jar to hold the vials of the new package OGB-1

    2. Add fresh desiccant to the jar

    3. Assign the 10 vials a lot number by choosing an unused number in the table below.

    4. Write the lot number on the top of each vial using a permanent marker like a Sharpie

    5. Note Invitrogen's lot number in the database below

    6. Remove the individual labels from each vial using a razor blade.

    7. Wrap each vial with aluminum foil to protect it from light.

    8. Place the vials in the jar.

    9. Label the jar with tape and a marker.

    10. Store the jar in the freezer.



The vial

Cutting the label with a razor blade

All the parts

One vial wrapped with aluminium foil

Several vials in the jar with desiccant

Labeled jar, ready for the freezer