Cutting an optical fiber: How to achieve a good cut

Achieving a good cut will determine how well light is transmitted into and out of the optical fiber. Better the cut, better the light transmission.

The Essentials:

    • Fiber optic

    • Fiber optic cutter

    • A thin flame (We used a wind-breaker lighter)

STEP 1: Determine the length of fiber you wish to use. Burn a small area of the cladding with a thin flame.

STEP 2: Align the the fiber in the fiber cutter in such a way that the notch is made at the beginning of the unburnt cladding. Here, the cladding and the core would be at the same level after making the cut. This ensures there's no light spillage.

Note : Read the fiber cutter's instructions before use.

The fiber optic is ready for use.