A list of Policies

    • Doors and windows: Close the lab doors (and windows) if nobody is occupying the room. Lock the doors to the rig rooms if you'll be away for more than a minute or two. At the end of the day, or the beginning of a seminar, the last person out is responsible for checking and locking all doors (316, 322, 324, 327, 329, 330A). This is for our safety and the safety of our research as well as just common courtesy for those non-researchers who may walk our halls.

    • Sharing equipment / keys: We should take fair advantage of equipment in our lab and in other labs that we have been trained to use and given permission to use. At the same time, just because we have access to rooms and equipment doesn't mean we can or should use things without permission/training, or to borrow things without asking. Let's be good neighbors, and please err on the side of extra communication (notes, emails, talking to people) so everyone is on the same page.

    • Ferret Reek: We share the hallway with the Katz and Jadhav labs, who use rats in their experiments. In the wild, ferrets are predators of rodents, and that means if the rats (and mice) down the hall smell our ferrets, they exhibit fear responses. Not so good for the behavioral data that they're trying to collect. Please obey the No Ferret Reek signage at all the doors to the rat area. Ferret reek includes the smell that attaches to clothes, so wear lab coats and gloves in Foster, and take them OFF before crossing over through the doors. This also means we should not bring lab coats and animals into the office space.

    • Lab notebooks: All members should keep records of their activities in the lab in the form of a Lab Notebook (click for instructions). Rotation students will prepare rotation reports that will go under the Resources tab here.

The new lab manual, under construction