You probably don't have one.

To review transactions (every other Friday by midnight - use Safari): CCER - https://wellsoffice.wellsfargo.com/ceoportal/signon/

Organization id: BRAND893

Jenn's UserID: wolfj505

You'll probably have to take a short course in how to do this when you get a card, but to recap:

Log in and open CCER

Allocate all charges to grants/funding streams and include proper account codes

Make sure there's a justification in the box (VERY short, saying what it is and how it's used to further the grant goals)

Click box for receipt attached

Save all and go back to manage statement

Click box for statement reviewed

On the top right, pull down Print >> Cover sheet

Put this cover sheet and electronic (pdf) evidence of final price and shipment (on one page if possible - we get charged per page) into a document

Save the document locally (Month/year folder under Pcard) and send to the Wells Fargo address on the cover sheet.


Max single item charge without prior arrangement: $1500

When ordering online, include this in the notes section so we don't get charged sales tax:

"We have a MA tax exempt certificate, ID 042103552. Please call Procurement at 781-736-4510 for a faxed copy. Thank you."

Correct billing address (for P card only):

Card owner's name

Brandeis University

415 South St.

Waltham, MA 02453

Ship To address is here.

Filename format for scanned documents: VendorName_YYYYMMDD_Type#.pdf, where Type can be:

(null) = Original receipt or confirmation (there is also a justification .rtf file of the same name)

Pack = packing slip

Inv = invoice

Conf = confirmation (second, usually via email)

Ship = shipping confirmation or packing slips

and where

# = the ordinal of the document type (ie Pack3 would be the packing slip from the third shipment in the order)


procurement@brandeis.edu - reaches whole team

Courtney Sampson csampson@brandeis.edu 6-4266 (head, knows everything but is busy)

Paola Briamonte paolab@brandeis.edu (can fix almost everything order related)

Ellie Santisi esantisi@brandeis.edu (systems-level problems, not as all-knowing as Courtney but also more available)

John Storti jstorti@brandeis.edu (head of procurement)