While Jenn is out

The below are notes that were written up for when I was out on maternity leave. I'd delete them, but they're useful information. So let's just annotate that I'm no longer on leave, and leave it up for other ordering emergencies, shall we?

Jenn, Nov/14/2011

A little background: up until now, we've been ordering most things off the Pcard, which means we don't really go through Brandeis's Procurement office. It gets here faster, but there's a lot of fiddly work that goes on in the background. Trust me, it would be crazy for Heather to learn how to do that background work, and she might not have time to do it anyway, especially during classes.


While I'm out, most everything will go through Procurement, which is a lot easier to use. This means two things will change for you:

    1. Use the ordering form as normal, but you'll have to plan further in advance. Lately, Procurement has been taking only an extra day or two to process things, but it's been 3-5 days sometimes in the past. Be aware that things may get much slower around the end of the Fiscal Year, which is June 30th.

    2. Anything that has to be ordered on a credit card, or has to get here really quickly, goes through Steve. Amazon and Thor Labs, Kation Scientific - those are all things that Steve would probably order for you. But please don't inundate him with stuff.

    3. When an item comes in, put its invoice / packing slips in the specified row of folders next to Jenn's desk.

Bonus! You'll now be able to be a little more involved in your own orders. I'm adding you all to the NCLO, which sounds like a 70s rock band, but is actually where we keep track of all our orders. There's a lot of stuff you won't need to worry about, but you will be able to search for things that have been ordered in the past, and see the status of your own orders. Yay!

Also Yay: you don't have to worry about messing anything up, because you're all read-only. But that does mean that if you find exactly what you want to reorder, you'll have to cut and paste into the order form, or stand behind Heather some time when she's there and point to the exact line you want so that she can cut and paste for you.

Some brief features.

It's a spreadsheet, much like Excel. The tabs/sheets you want are:

Items, which lists everything that has been ordered since the inception of the lab.

To Be Ordered, which lists all the stuff that's been entered on the orders page, before the order's been placed.

Search under Edit> Find and Replace, and enter any search string. Spaces matter, so if you can't find something, make sure there isn't a space after your search string.