Atlantic Plant Maintenance - Rigging company to move large objects

Jay Porrazzo or George Derderian

Telephone: (617) 924-6027

Fax: (617) 924-3888

Bigelow and Fleming - Construction/renovations in the new Bassine lab space finished 7/2010

Tony Silva supervisor


Cell: 508-989-6456

Office: 508-230-7050

Fax: 508-230-7090

Bormann Brothers - Rigging company to move large objects

John Hay


Telephone: 978-433-8661 or 800-556-6683

Colonial Medical Supply - Anesthesia

Telephone: 603-823-9911

Toll-free: 888-446-8427

Fax: 603-823-8799

Cables and Kits (racks, shelves, cables, etc)

CablesToGo - great cables, fast delivery -- but cheaper if you buy their own products through

Cat5ECableGuy - Ethernet cables for cheap, with many colors available if you order 20 or 50 of a type

Fisher Scientific - Lab supplies, chemicals, and equipment

Contact our rep Jim Gallagher to get quotes and best pricing on chemicals, equipment, Nalgene, and anything else that seems off the current market price.

Main telephone: 800-766-7000

Cell: 508-631-7006

Fax: 508-443-3368

Voicemail: 800-955-9999 ext. 1992468



Microsystems Sales Rep:

Microsystems Technician:

Biosystems sales rep: John Best

L-com - cables, connectivity, etc

15% coupon for next order: M0110LNB2

Micro Video Instruments - Avi Rodal's favorite custom microscope company

Newport Corporation - antivibration tables, optical parts, lasers

Actual people's direct lines:

Steve Petersen 949-253-1791

Rochelle Uhlenkott 949-253-1642

Pete Pedsel - 603-891-2353

Nikon Microscopes

Pamela A Angevine (I think she retired)

Bioscience Sales Support Specialist

Nikon Instruments Inc.

1300 Walt Whitman Road

Melville NY 11747-3064

Office: 1-800-52-NIKON Fax: 631-547-8652

Mobile: 978-697-3760 Fax to Order: 631-944-9382

Olympus Microscopes


Olympus America

Cell: 203-800-5625

VWR Scientific - Lab supplies, chemicals, and equipment - like Fisher, but not in the stockroom.

Rep - Tim Nelson


Brandeis-wide account number is 2063504