Orders and Money

Order things using the form here:

--Order Form--

Want to search our previous orders? Click here for the NCLO

How does ordering work? (What should you expect?):

Most orders

0.1 Order something through the order page. All your data gets dumped into the (searchable!) NCLO for ordering and later edification.

0.2 Someone from the lab (Nora, usually) will order the item.

0.3 Go pick up the package from the stockroom!

General Use Items often reordered

Please fill out the order form and add the corresponding info (listed as shown as of 2016/02/09):

Spreadsheet with info on ordering TRACH TUBES here

searchable terms: general lab use items, general orders

Of course, there are exceptions:

1. Fisher/Airgas/stockroom / Realize Inc (aren't really exceptions any more)

1.1 There is a separate page HERE for these things, mostly for historical reasons.

2. Animals (ferrets, jills, kits, litters, mice)

2.1 Marshall Farms (ferrets)

Currently Arani and Marjena order the ferrets. Talk to them to get involved in that coordination.

We order animals about 3 weeks in advance of experiments.

Here is the most current pricing for ferrets from Marshall Farms (1/16). [ferret cost]

2.2 Charles River Labs (mice and rats)

Jenn orders the mice from Charles River. Talk to her about it - we order for once a week and need 48 hours lead time, so do it in advance.

3. Controlled Substances

3.1 Generally through Patterson Vet.

Must be ordered well in advance, because of extra paperwork on our end, as well as backorders and shortages. So plan ahead, you'll need one.

Special and Unusual Cases:

For any equipment (over $5000) you need to complete:

1. Requisition form (online for from here: http://www.brandeis.edu/financialaffairs/procurement/forms/requisition.html)

2. Equipment acquisition form (see: http://www.brandeis.edu/financialaffairs/forms/controller-forms.html)

3. A quote for the piece of equipment

4. If the item is over $25,000 you need to provide 3 quotes OR a Sole Supplier Form (see:http://www.brandeis.edu/offices/procurement/forms/SoleSource.pdf)

To get reimbursed for something:

If it's a single item/receipt, just go down to the Bio Office - they'll help you.

For multiple or complex reimbursements (like for a conference), copy this document, fill it out, and share it with Laura (lwoolf@brandeis.edu)and Tre (trealexander@brandeis.edu) in the Bio Office. You will need to share a PDF with all your receipts (single PDF) or email a single PDF to Tre. There is a line on the form to include a link to this shared PDF file.


Grab the account login from the logins page and generate a shipping label. Print it, and slap it on your package. AT THE SAME TIME, place an order on the Orders page, as a placeholder with information about what is being shipped and why (samples, a broken part for repair, a return). Leave the cost field blank. Drop off the package at the stockroom or another FedEx location.

Ordering from someplace new on a requisition form:

You'll need extra lead time for Procurement to set up all the paperwork, so plan ahead. The relevant addresses you need are below.

Bill To Address:

Procurement Dept. MS 048

Epstein Building

Brandeis University

415 South St.

Waltham, MA 02454

Ship To Address:

Van Hooser Lab

Lab Supplies and Services

Brandeis University

415 South Street

Waltham, MA 02454

The Bill To Address is different if you're using a P card. Also, you won't need so much extra lead time because Procurement doesn't get involved.