Lab meeting

MAIN lab meeting is Fridays @ 9 am in person in Bassine 2nd Floor Kitchen. The following Zoom room is available BUT in person attendance is STRONGLY encouraged:

The agenda will be:

  1. Roundable - the roundtable portion alternates each week between "updates" and "paper synopsis". Students should add their paper selections here .

    1. Updates: each person gives a 2 minute summary of what one has been working on so that people in the lab know generally what people are up to right now.

    2. Paper synopsis: All senior people (and undergrads during the summer) provide a 3 minute synopsis of a journal article that they have read recently. Please put your paper on this sheet so there aren't duplicates.

  2. Lab business items. Any items of general lab business. Please add any items to be discussed to the "Business" section.

  3. Main presentation. Papers to be presented will be posted under the "Papers" section.