Fume Hood Czar


Ensure that there is no buildup of waste (empty bottles, expired solutions, etc.) in the fumehood and that non-fixed substances/supplies stay in the non-fixed area and fixed substances/supplies stay in the fixed area.


1. If there are any expired bottles/solutions, mark on the bottle with a sharpie "expired," and call hazardous waste for a pickup https://www.brandeis.edu/ehs/waste/waste.html

2. Ensure that the fan is on at all times. If the fan is not working, contact facilities ASAP

3. Ensure that there are no cracked, broken or leaking bottles or containers

4. Ensure that all bottles and containers are sealed and capped

5. There is general tidiness and organization

6. Fixed items are clearly labeled and are located in the fix area

7. non-fixed areas are located in the non-fix area

Current Fixed Substances under the Fume Hood

- Formaldehyde, solid

- Formaldehyde, liquid

Current non-fix substances under the Fume Hood

- Isoflurane, liquid

Additional Notes

- Under the fume hood is a cabinet with various fixed and non-fixed materials.

- If the hood fan is not on, contact facilities immediately https://www.brandeis.edu/facilities/requests/index.html

- Dishware should also be labeled as fixed or non-fixed