Lab jobs

Animal carcass to Foster: Sophie

Budget: Steve

Drug Czar: Zoey

Expense reports: deal with Molly Nelson directly

Gas tank stocking and ordering: Lisandro Martin

Ferret Care coordinator: Zoey

Ferret Ordering / Animal Database Maintainer: Andrea

Fume Hood Czar / Lab Coat Cleaner: Sophie

Histology Czar: Microtome, solution-making, histology area cleanliness: Vikko

IACUC Protocols: Steve and Zoey

Lab meeting coordinator: Vikko

Optics Czar: Vikko

Ordering, p-card expense reports, receiving, and distribution: Seneca

Perfusion sink Czar: Lisandro

Safety Officer, Expiration Checker, and Facilities Walkthrough: Zoey

Setup for new people (verifying online training, etc): Steve

Social director: Vikko

Website + Twitter: Steve

Workshop Tidiness: Andrea