Training for animal work (IACUC and IBC)

Before one can work with animals in our lab, you must do the following:

    1. Gain access to the IACUC website by sending a request to written from a Brandeis account: "Hi, my name is FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, and my unet ID is UNETID. I am a GRAD STUDENT/UNDERGRAD/POSTDOC/TECH in the Van Hooser lab. Please grant me access to the IACUC website. Thank you!" You'll get an email back when you're granted access. Then go there.

    2. Look here for instructions to gain Occupational Health Clearance. Fill out and fax or email the Mt. Auburn medical clearance form to Mount Auburn as described, then wait for clearance (usually 2-7 days). You can use the Biology Office to send the faxes. YOU MUST USE BRANDEIS EMAIL ADDRESS.

    3. Complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules ("Mandatory Training - CITI program online training") that are needed for the protocol(s) you will be using, listed with your protocol. (Don't over-commit! Sign up for only those modules listed below the protocol that you will be on).

    4. Go to a Foster training session, which takes about an hour. Bring your ID and the protocol number you will be working under to the training session. The info is here ("Mandatory Training - FBRL Orientation). The schedule is often out of date, so just email the vet if you don't see a future session you can attend (

    5. Fill out a personnel form for the protocol(s) you need access to. Sign it, then get the PI in charge of the protocol to sign it. Submit the form to the ORA via email (, interoffice mail, or taking a nice walk.

    6. If you need to do virus injections, (I'm looking at you, 13011 and 14006 protocols) you'll also need some biosafety training. This is in progress as of 2/2014 - please talk to Nora or the Office of Research Administration (Morgen or Frank) in the meantime!