Ferret 2-photon data

Matlab summary files of our 2-photon data:

Inside these files are many many fields. DIbr is the field that has the direction index values for cells calculated according to Li/VanHooser et al. 2008:

DIbr = (Resp_pref - Resp_opp) / (Resp_pref - min(0,Resp_blank))

DIbr is a cell list with 14 index entries that correspond to the following records:

%1=naive, 2=motion, 3=flash, 4=experienced, 5=naive_responly,

%6=motion_responly, 7=flash_responly, 8=naive_presentonly,

%9=motion_presentonly, 10=flash_presentonly, 11=naive_flash

%12=naive w/ motion or flash,

%13=motion w/naive

%14=flash w/ naive

There is also, in the same 14 index setup: pref which has preferred angle mean responses, null, which has null responses, orth, which has orthogonal responses, blr is blank response


g = load('bd_stats.mat');

deltaDI = g.DIbr{13} - g.DIbr{12}

is the change in DI following motion training.

You could plot a histogram of the direction values before and after training: