Stereotaxic frames (for medium animals)

Note 2012-06-01:

3 notes on the large stereotaxic frame:

1) I found it in a state where it did not fit together..the wrong screw sizes had been tried, some of the screws stuck out beyond the bottom, and many of the screws had been over-tightened. All of the parts should fit together very smoothly, and should require using no more force than you might use to shake someone's hand. Please don't overtighten anything, it will wear out the threads. The proper screw size for the frame is 1/4-20 (1/4-inch diameter, 20 threads per inch). We have a whole box of them in the lab. There are 4 special beveled screws that need to be used to attach the bottom to the legs, so that the screw heads are flush with the bottom of the stereotaxic frame.

2) I created a labeled bag of the extra stereotaxic frame parts; it is in the bottom drawer of the surgery area.

3) Right now, the larger leg "spacers" are installed. I think it is a good height for everyone but ferret 2-photon users (probably Arani is the only one) you might check to make sure it works with both the 16x and 4x. It's possible that the smaller spacers might be needed for ferrets (I know it matters which spacer is used).