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General Information

The perfusion sink in Bassine 330a is a shared resource maintained by the Van Hooser Lab. You must be a registered user to use the perfusion sink!

- If you are unsure if you are a registered user, look for your name on the registered user link here.

- To become a user, please contact the Van Hooser Lab Administrator: Nora Anderson (

Using the Perfusion Sink

Please see general instructions in PerfusionSinkSafety.docx attached below. For specific procedures or solution making instructions, please see Protocols / Solutions below.

Before using the perfusion sink, remember to get signed up on the Google calendar during the user registration process. Also remember to sign in and out on the Perfusion Sink Log located on the wall to the right of the perfusion sink.


> Perfusion solutions.

You are responsible for making your own perfusion solutions. If you want to use the Van Hooser Lab space to make solutions, please contact Nora Anderson ( You will need to be registered to use the hood.

> Perfusion Tools.

There are tools above the perfusion sink that you can use for your perfusion. Many of these tools are very worn (e.g. scissors are not sharp). Some labs keep their own separate set of tools (e.g. VHL has their own scissor set) that they bring to

> Waste container is full when you show up to do your perfusion.

Sucks. Last person didn't change it when they finished. You can yell at them (check log), or tell us to yell at them (send us an email with previous user and complaint). You'll have to change the tank yourself (see instructions in PerfusionSinkSaftey.doc below). Please remember to put date the full tank and call hazardous waste for a pickup!

> The white cap on a waste container is missing.

Please notify Nora Anderson ( immediately! Let's try not to vent formaldehyde into the lab.

Protocols / Solutions

> Ferret Perfusion: The Van Hooser Lab protocol for perfusing ferrets. Includes solution instructions.

> If you have your own protocols and are willing to make them publicly available, please send them to Nora Anderson (