Shared Facilities

The Van Hooser Lab stewards the following shared facilities:

1. Microtome

2. Perfusion Sink

3. Hood

Anyone may use these facilities AFTER they have been trained and registered by the Van Hooser Lab. Instructions for how to become a user can be found for each piece of equipment in the links above or at the Equipment and Facilities page of the Brandeis Knowledge Base. If you are unsure whether or not you are a registered user, please look for your name on our registered user's list here.

Since there are several labs that regularly use these facilities, we have set up point persons for those labs. This person has the responsibility of disseminating information to any lab members who use this equipment and to bring forward any concerns from lab members to the Van Hooser Lab and to the rest of the point persons.

Point Persons to Contact for each lab:

Van Hooser Lab: Nora Anderson -

Katz Lab : Emma Reid -

Jashav Lab: Wesley Alford -

Lisman Lab: Pooja Gupta -