Rig 4 Multichannel electrophysiology / visual stimulation

Vaporizer: VetEquip, Serial No. 4919, (as of this writing, certified until July 2019) (currently in Bassine 322)


    1. Turn on stimulus computer (Mac, miketheheadless.bio.brandeis.edu)

    2. Turn on master computer (PC, egghead.bio.brandeis.edu)

    3. Start Matlab on stimulus computer

    4. Start Matlab on master computer

    5. On stimulus computer, run initstims on Matlab command line

    6. On master computer, run RunExperiment on Matlab command line


    • On this rig, the stimulus computer shares the remote folder via Samba (SMB): /Users/vhlab/remote . The master computer mounts this drive as Z:\. This arrangement is because Window 10 apparently does not allow one to share folders using the Samba 1.0 protocol (the stimulus computer is not able to log in via smb://).