Rig 2. 2-photon rig

To use the 2-photon rig, you must:

  • Have completed Brandeis Laser Safety training with Robin Bell

  • Have completed the VH lab internal training (currently done by Steve or Arani)

  • To do experiments, you must also be on the appropriate animal protocol (see IACUC/IBC page)

To sign up for the rig, make an appointment on the calendar. (Please email Steve/Arani/Nora if you need access to the calendar.)

Please keep communication open and ask questions or report any problems to Arani or Steve.

Rig 2 Isoflurane vaporizer: VetEquip, Serial No. 3869 ((as of this writing, certified until 2019-07-31))

Prairie Technology microscope number: 4348

Prairie Technology has now been acquired by Bruker. The phone number to contact them for service: 1 608 662-0022.

One contact at Prairie/Bruker: craig.deitelhoff@bruker.com. But best to call the above number, or email them (fm.support@bruker.com) with a new problem.

Rooster.bio.brandeis.edu motherboard model: Tyan S5220 Toledo q35T

Rooster.bio.brandeis.edu CMOS clock battery replaced 2016-09-14

Original system description and quote

Mailing list: vhlab-2p@lists.brandeis.edu

The equipment tag number for this rig is 012508. Even though other parts of the rig are tagged, this is the number that was used to classify "Rig 2". If this confuses you, you will never have to know it - feel free to delete the information from your brain.


Extra Surgical Logs (non-survival): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kfi1hz3P4tETYM4Lrakn43kihJJmCArB/view?usp=sharing