Optical power tests

Notes for comparison: The Fitzpatrick lab optical stimulator at 10x is about 1mW/mm^2


Steve measured power of optical fiber that Ajit built, using bright blue Cree LED.

Power is 0.207mW. I think that the fiber is 400um, so the maximum power should be 0.207mW / (pi*(0.2mm)^2) = 1.6473 mW/mm^2.


Arani measured power at the focal point of the in vivo microscope of the NP510 projector. The projector had 1 50mm (Nikkor 50mm) lens at opening of its own lens (the end that normally points away from the camera was pointing at the projector), and 1 additional lens (is it LA1229?, f=175mm, at X distance from the Nikkor and Y distance from the cube), finally connecting to a 2" ThorLabs cube with a dichroic mirror (which part?). An Olympus 4X (0.3NA?) or Olympus 10X (0.25NA?) lens were attached to the business end of the cube.

image presented mW/mm2 mW/mm2

4x obj 10x obj

full screen white 3.5 - 5 16 - 28

full screen blue 1.1 - 1.5 5 - 8.5

full screen black 0.1 0.5

big circle white 4.5 - 6 12 - 28

big circle blue 1.5 - 2 4 - 10

small circle white 2.5 - 4 too small to measure

small circle blue 1.3 - 2 too small to measure

Arani's file is here (access may be required).