Rig 1. Imaging/Electrophys rig

There is a mailing list for this Rig: vhlab-rig1@lists.brandeis.edu . Email nmarie@brandeis.edu or vanhoosr@brandeis.edu to join.

The equipment tag number for this rig is 024929. Even though other parts of the rig are tagged, this is the number that was used to classify "Rig 1". If this confuses you, you will never have to know it - feel free to delete the information from your brain.

Rig 1 Isoflurane vaporizer: Fluotec 3, Serial No. 302564 Matrx VIP 3000, Serial No. V1229616 (as of this writing, certified until 2019-07-31)

Rig 1 Manuals:

Extra Surgical Logs (non-survival): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kfi1hz3P4tETYM4Lrakn43kihJJmCArB/view?usp=sharing