Leica Microtome

The microtome was provided by the Neuroscience Program training grant and is therefore a program resource for all neuroscience labs, maintained by VH Lab. Its web page is here

Some additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Oh no the bolt is stripped. Where can I get new ones?

There are two backup bolts (6/2015) in the drawer under the microtome. look under the paper towel because I was sneaky and hid them. Replacement bolts can be bought through Leica for $15 a piece, catalog number 14210102139 "Cap screw ISO 4762 M05x55 A2-70".

Where should people get dry ice?

Rosensteil 2nd floor. Bring a bucket to carry the ice back in. Weigh out what you want, then write down how much you took, your name, and the lab name. This is being charged to the MOU as of Spring 2013.

Do we have a mallet and fabric bag to smash the dry ice?

We have a mallet. It's named after Thor's hammer. We have fabric bags now, in the microtome area. They're drawstring and everything. We also have an alcohol sprayer, KimWipes, and a drawer organizer containing brushes for moving slices, and pencils for marking slides. It's almost as if we planned it that way!

Where do I get the blades/knives sharpened?

When the "In Use/Active" blade is dull, swap it into the "Backup blade/do not use" box, and move the backup (which should be perfectly sharp) into use. Ship the dull blade out to:

Delaware Diamond Knives (DDK)

3825 Lancaster Pike

Wilmington, DE 19805

Include a letter in the box that gives the following:

    1. What we want done (clean and sharpen the blade)

    2. A Pcard/credit card/PO number for them to charge (steel blades cost $95 plus about $15 shipping as of 5/2012 )

    3. Our billing address (keep in mind this is different if you use a Pcard, PO, or credit card - try looking here)

    4. Our shipping address

    5. Contact info if they have any questions

Or just use the template: TEMPLATE HERE