Kopf 700C electrode puller


Use for pulling long tapered pipettes for anatomical tracer or dye injections.

Keep the amperage below about 16A, maybe 20A at the most. Higher currents tend to melt (that is, ruin) the filaments. If you need higher currents to pull the pipettes, you are probably doing something wrong; the fix is likely to get a different heater coil filament that is smaller and has fewer turns (that can concentrate heat in a narrow spot).

Multi-barrel pipettes probably require a narrow filament with only a few turns (say, 2 1/2) for pulling.


Filaments can be ordered at http://www.kopfinstruments.com/Puller/accessories.htm

Fuses: Buss MDX 7 1/2 250V, about 1.25" long (just short) or just over 3cm long

Tried replacement fuses: tried 504-AGC-V-7-1/2-R 250VAC 7.5A from Mouser, will see if these work