Transferring experimental data

It is imperative that we transfer our experimental data off of the acquisition machines so 1) the acquisition machines will have sufficient disk space during experiments, and 2) so it can be housed more safely and won't be accidentally deleted in the heat of an experiment.

The easiest way to accomplish this from a Windows machine (both of our master computers Foghorn and Leghorn are Windows machines) is the following:

    1. Run cygwin

    2. Change directories to the remote directory where experimental data comes in by entering the command cd C:\remote

    3. You can verify you're in the right directory by typing dir to list the directories in the remote directory.

    4. If you haven't already, create a directory for your project on the Data1 drive of (e.g., Data1/jared/).

    5. From cygwin on the windows machine, copy the directory using scp: scp -r 2011-05-35

  1. Update the permissions using the command ssh chmod -R 775 /Volumes/DataDrive1/Data1/jared/2011-05-35

  2. Verify that your data has transferred by checking kfc, and then remove the data from the master computer (Foghorn or Leghorn) by typing rm -rf 2011-05-35

New instructions for the new server

For PC (like foghorn, leghorn etc):

1. go to your computer

2. click "map network drive"

3. in the "Folder" field of the tab that it opens, write \\\van-hooser-lab. Hit Finish.

4. It will ask for a username and passwd.

username: your brandeis email id in full (

pwd: your brandeis email passwd.

5. Hit connect and you should have the server mapped as a drive.

Useful folders:

Paradis/VanHooser project: /Volumes/DataDrive3/Data3/Paradis_VanHooser

If the computer you're using does not already have Cygwin:

Go here to install Cygwin. Be sure to select the "openshh" package during install or you will not be able to use the scp command. If you forget to install this package, simply run the setup.exe file again, select the package, and it will be added.