Basic software for Macs:

Basic software for PCs:

    • (PC users, please add here)



    • LabView Full development serial number: M74X09433

    • LabView Vision Development Kit serial number: M74X20309

    • LabView Image Acquisition Software (March 2010): M74X22278


Adobe Illustrator

    • You can install Adobe Illustrator on a machine that you are going to use for lab work.

    • Go to to log in w/ and KZ548c5

    • Under the Licenses menu, choose downloads.

    • Under the End User/Deploy-to ID menu, select an order. Oddly, these are lists of orders we have placed rather than products. You will see a list of products for each order that you select. Choose one that has Adobe Illustrator for your platform (PC or Mac).

    • Download the software.

    • While the software is downloading, go back under the Licenses menu and choose Retrieve Serial Numbers.

    • Again, select an order, and find one that contains the software for your platform. It will include a long license string. Use that serial number string when installing the software.

    • Install the software, and provide the serial number. Use "Van Hooser lab" as the user, Brandeis University as the company.

Thunderbird (email client)

    • Needs a special configuration to work with your account. Open Thunderbird, then enter the following:

    • incoming: server is; switch to SSL/TLS connection security, then fill in - port 993; user name is (Yes, the whole thing); authentication is normal password

    • outgoing: server is; port 465 - all else the same as incoming server.

    • If you want the Brandeis Directory to talk to Thunderbird so that your address line will volunteer an email address when you start typing someone's name, click on the, then go to settings, then:

    • click Composition& Addressing on the sidebar, then Use different LDAP server. Click Edit Directories. Click Add. Name is Brandeis Directory; hostname is; Base DN type exactly o=Brandeis University and be sure you have only the one space between Brandeis and University; port 389. Click OK, then Add Brandeis Directory, then click OK. Finally, select Brandeis Directory under use a different LDAP server.