PC for office use

1) Set up PC following Windows instructions. If there is a specific request for an administrative password, use "KZ548c5". Make the username "vhlab" with the same password for the log-in. Name the computer on Windows whatever creative name you have come up with (e.g. chicken.bio.brandeis.edu would be named "CHICKEN" in Windows).

2) Go to Windows Update and install all necessary updates. Restart the computer.

3) Connect to the internet. Some PCs will require a specific network connection set-up, while others will automatically detect the ethernet cable as a LAN plug-in.

4) Register your computer onto the Brandeis network. Open Internet Explorer and follow the provided instructions. Make sure to download Microsoft Update, Symantec AntiVirus (disable any other AntiVirus system), and Firefox. After everything is installed, click the link on the bottom of the page to register the computer, wait one minute, and then restart the computer.

5) To change the hostname of the computer, return to netinfo.brandeis.edu, and click on the link following the request to change the hostname from a non-dorm computer. Take note of the IP address and change the host name to the name of the new computer, so it will be "something.bio.brandeis.edu" (like chicken.bio.brandeis.edu) instead of "dhcp-129-64-???-???.brandeis.edu." You should receive an email confirming the switch a few hours after submitting your request. If you have any issues you can contact Steven Karel at karelsf@brandeis.edu and he can change the name for you if you give him the desired name and the IP address information (which can be obtained by typing "command" in the Run window and then typing "ipconfig" into the new window).

6) Install MATLAB (see Software).

7) Install Microsoft Office for free (Brandeis has a site license) by the following: 1. Click on Start. 2. Click on run. 3. Type in \\omega\Office-Installer\Office 2007. Double-click on setup.exe. (The web page with these instructions is at http://lts.brandeis.edu/techhelp/software/microsoft-campus-agreement.html ).