Mac for office use

0) An Apple ID exists for the lab; you can use, password KZ548c500

1) Make sure your software is up to date. Select "Software Update" from the Apple menu, install and restart if necessary, and continue choosing "Software Update" until it gives you the "up to date" message (depending upon the upgrade releases, you may have to repeat this process more than once).

2) Consider giving the computer a unique name, like our printer (though you need to pick a unique and creative name); email Steve Karel ( asking him to please give your new computer a network name. You'll need to include your ethernet card's MAC address (Apple Menu->About this Mac, More Info, click "Network" tab, under "Active Services" click "Ethernet", scroll down to MAC address), and Steve will appreciate it if you include your serial number (Apple Menu->About this Mac, More Info, click the "Hardware" tab, the number is Serial Number (system)).

3) Install Microsoft Office for free (Brandeis has a site license) at

4) Install Matlab (see Software)

5) Optional software packages that some users like:

Quicksilver: allows one to launch or switch programs quickly by typing a key sequence (

Google Chrome: Steve' favorite web browser (

Set up "Spaces" to give yourself some more desktop space (Apple Menu->System Preferences, "Expose & Spaces")

Graphic Converter from Lemkesoft: For editing/converting image files (

6) Optional software packages for programmers:

XCode from Apple for a nice software development environment (

MacPorts (, then use MacPorts to install dos2unix with 'sudo port install dos2unix' (do within X11 rather than terminal, or you'll have to add /opt/local/bin to your path).

Subversion 1.6.9:

Psychophysics Toolbox:

7) Backups using Time Machine

a) Make sure you have an account on KFC.

b) Mount the drive "DD1Backups" by going to the Finder, and choosing Go Menu->Connect to Server. Type in, log in with your username and password and ask it to save your password in the Keychain. Choose the drive "DD1Backups".

c) Open Apple Menu->System Preferences, click on "Time Machine".

d) Click "Select Disk..." and choose "DD1Backups".

8) Add your computer to the Computers page here.