Installing new

1) Identify a location for your computer, and how it will connect to the network (if necessary). A computer can either connect directly to a network connection (the reddish/pinkish connector on a network outlet), or indirectly through a "switch" (Netgear is a common brand found in our lab) or through the "PC" connector on the back of a Cisco phone.

2) For all computers, one will need to first register the computer on the Brandeis network. Sometimes, this means that installation "wizards" or other automatic configurations will not work at the time of the first boot up. You will need to fire up a web browser, point it to (or some other site), and enter your unet ID to register the computer. For Windows computers, you will be required to update your software for the latest security updates immediately. For Macs, you should do this immediately after rebooting to complete your Brandeis network registration.

3) Think of a name for your computer. Potential chicken-themed computer names: fried, drumstick, chick-fil-a, popeye's, popcorn, bbq, wings, Buffalo

4) Follow one of these links to complete the installation process.