What's the admin password for Blahblah?

On any given computer, it's a good bet to start with: Username = vhlab Password = KZ548c5

The rig computers and some of the office ones use this. If you're working on one of the personal computers in the office, then you might have to ask the person whose computer you're borrowing.

What file servers do we have?

We have 2 file servers through Brandeis. One is a 10 TB archive drive at smb://files.brandeis.edu/van-hooser-archive-lab and the other is a 20 TB traditional remote drive at smb://files.brandeis.edu/van-hooser-lab.

The archive drive contains published data, installers and old code, past talks, clip art, and files from people who have left the lab. It is READ-ONLY by the lab, writeable by me (for safety, to avoid accidental deletions).

The file server van-hooser-lab is a traditional file server with folders for Projects and Users. You can make your own folder under either (collaborations better under Projects, single user files better under Users) and use it. Please don't delete anything without permission from all of your collaborators! (See restoration instructions below.)

If you want to add something to the archive drive, add it to our van-hooser-lab drive in the z_to_archive folder and email me to ask me to move it there.

How do I mount the lab shared drive on files.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-lab or the archive drive files.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-archive-lab?

Note: Off-campus, you need to run the Pulse Secure VPN connection, available here: https://kb.brandeis.edu/display/LTS/Junos+Pulse. The manual installation is recommended.

For Macs: In the Finder, go to "Go" menu, choose "Connect to Server", type in smb://files.brandeis.edu/van-hooser-lab. You'll be prompted to enter your Brandeis username and password. If you want to mount the archive drive, type in smb://files.brandeis.edu/van-hooser-lab.

For PCs running Windows 7 and later (e.g., foghorn, leghorn etc):

1. go to your computer

2. click "map network drive"

3. in the "Folder" field of the tab that it opens, write \\files.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-lab. Hit Finish. (If you want

the archive drive, enter \\files.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-archive-lab above.)

4. It will ask for a username and passwd.

username: your brandeis email id in full (username@brandeis.edu).

pwd: your brandeis email passwd.

5. Hit connect and you should have the shared drive mapped.

How do I get added to the shared drive on files.brandeis.edu\van-hooser-lab?

An administrator (Steve or Lab Manager) needs to follow these instructions.

How do I recover deleted files from the lab shared drive?

See here: https://kb.brandeis.edu/display/SCI/Previous+Versions+Feature

How do I mount a Windows server on my Mac?

In the Finder, go to the "Go" menu, and choose "[Connect to Server...]". Enter "smb://computername.domainname/sharename", where sharename is the name of the shared drive or folder on the windows computer. Example: to share remote on foghorn.bio.brandeis.edu, use smb://foghorn.bio.brandeis.edu/remote; you'll be prompted for a user name and password.

I forgot to enable Screen Sharing on my Mac, and now I can't log in using Screen Sharing, and it would be a big pain to hook up a keyboard and monitor to that computer. Can I turn it on via the command line through an ssh login?

Yes you can, if you have administrator access on that computer. For Snow Leopard OS X, log in to the computer of interest using ssh, and type

sudo echo -n enable > /private/etc/ScreenSharing.launchd

enter your password, and you're done.