is the label printer that's connected to Nora's computer. Sometimes it freaks out and won't let you print: it has likely convinced itself to pause, even though it just looks idle from your machine.

1. Go to Nora's computer (currently and log in. You don't have to be Nora - you can use login "temporary" and password "chicken"

2. Go to System Prefs and open the Printers icon

3. Double-click each printer (there are TWO on Twiki - the labels and the tape) to open the print dialog box. Click on the Resume button to restart the printer.

4. Close everything, and try printing from your computer again. Should work.

You can also make sure that the current drivers are installed. Go to Dymo for how! Dymo label v.8 has to be installed for each user on a Mac. When you're done, the readme file says you might have to exit and restart Printer Utility to see the printers, but there's an N of 1 that says that's a lie: exit Printer Utility and Restart your computer, see if that works.